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Coco Mama

Reusable Make-up Remover Face Puff 3PK


Our Face Puff's have incredible cleaning power, yet are gentle and only require water!  Made from beautifully soft Microfibers, these face puffs will remove even stubborn makeup but won't irritate your skin.  They're so gentle in fact, you can use them to remove eye make-up.  Check out our video that shows them really put to the test with heavy makeup but these can be used daily for light makeup applications too.

Soak with warm water, squeeze out excess and use in a circular motion to clean face and neck.  Once used, you can simply throw them in your washing machine in temperatures up to 60˚c (wash with similar colours).  

For a really deep clean, follow with your favourite Coco Mama cleanser such as our Coconut Oil Soap or Activated Charcoal & Coconut Oil Soap.  Wake up to beautiful skin, everyday.


Pack Size: 3
Material: Microfiber
Made in China