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Coco Mama

Liquid Organic Coconut Oil


Our liquid organic coconut oil is made with cold pressed virgin organic coconuts.  It's fractionated, which means that certain fatty acids are removed to enable the oil to stay liquid and not turn solid.  This oil is very lightweight and sinks into the skin effortlessly to leave it beautifully moisturised.  Use on cleansed skin to replenish lost moisture.  Also makes a wonderful massage oil - can be mixed with your favourite essential oils.

It's not only great for all over the body but it can be used on dry, damaged hair too.  Spray directly onto wet or dry hair to add natural moisture and sheen.  This coconut oil has a very subtle smell, less so than our solid coconut oil.  So if perhaps you like the moisturising properties of coconut oil but not a strong scent, this is the oil for you.  

Coconut oil will make any conditioner even more conditioning. How?  I hear you ask! Well, after saturating your hair with conditioner, spray COCO MAMA Liquid Coconut Oil on top. The oil is occlusive, so it will trap the the conditioner's hydrating ingredients within your hair, allowing them to penetrate the shaft longer and more effectively.



Fractionated Organic Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil (100%)